Home Maintenance Information and Tips

Artesian Well Water Systems
Everyone living at Cobble Creek and a majority of our neighbors get their running water from one of
these wells. Please read the attachments to find out how to make sure your well is safe!

Understanding Your Drinking Water Well
How to Disinfect Home Wells and Springs
Water Testing and Treatment
Citizen’s Guide to Volitile Chemicals in Drinking Water

RADON Gas Information
PA, NY, and NJ are all high risk areas (Zone 1) for RADON gas. It is the second leading cause of lung
cancer, right behind smoking. Read the info and please test for air! Tests are cheap (<$20) and can be
done by a child!

DEP Citizen’s Guide to RADON
Home Buyers and Sellers Guide to RADON
Consumer’s Guide to RADON gas reduction
PA DEP Certified RADON Service Providers

Septic Systems and Basic Home Maintenance
Septic systems must be maintained every five years per Township law. If you don’t, you run the risk
of introducing deadly e-coli bacteria into everyone’s drinking water. The rest of the items on this
page are to help our neighbors keep everything in their house in good shape, so that they won’t have
to spend tons of cash later on.

Understanding Septic Systems
Asphalt Driveway Maintenance
Decks and Rain Gutter Maintenance
Gas Fireplace Maintenance
Vinyl Siding Maintenance